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The Wedding Banquet

  • 106 min
  • Retrospective
  • Mandarin, English
  • Taiwan, USA
  • 1993
A comedy about a Chinese Yuppie living in New York who decides that a marriage of convenience is the perfect way to prevent his parents back in Taiwan from discovering he is gay. But his plan backfires hilariously when his parents insist on coming to New York for the wedding.
25th Anniversary • 35mm Presentation
About The Film

Wai-Tung is living his best life with his partner Simon until his parents arrange for a dating service to find him a wife. To avoid revealing his sexuality to his parents, Wai-Tung agrees to marry his tenant, Wei-Wei, a penniless artist from China in need of a green card. When Wai-Tung’s parents announce they will attend the wedding, hilarity ensues as Wai-Tung and Simon go to great lengths to keep up the ruse.

The Wedding Banquet launched director Ang Lee into international prominence after making a splash at the box office. Comedic beats paired with quiet moments of observation allow the complex characters to be fully realized. A comedy on its surface, underneath simmer layers of cultural, generational and societal conflicts.

– Rebecca Green, Retrospective Programmer

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  • Ang Lee
  • Ted Hope
  • Ang Lee
  • James Schamus
  • Winston Chao
  • May Chin
  • Ya-lei Kuei
  • Ang Lee
  • Neil Peng
  • James Schamus


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