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  • 106 min
  • World Fiction
  • Korean
  • South Korea
  • 2017
An increase in the price of cigarettes destabilizes the economy of Miso, a young housekeeper who prefers to stop paying the rent rather than give up on the little pleasures of life. While she enjoys her smokes, Miso starts a couch-surfing journey that reconnects her with family and friends.
About The Film

Miso is a 31-year-old Korean housekeeper with unique priorities in life: she loves smoking cigarettes, getting a single glass of whiskey after work and hanging out with her boyfriend. She lives a humble lifestyle on a meticulously planned budget—that is, until the price of cigarettes goes up. Quitting is not an option, so moving out of her small apartment quickly turns out to be her best plan. The newly homeless Miso starts looking for temporary asylum, reaching out to old college friends. As she enters the private life of each of her hosts, she encounters a series of complicated circumstances that force her keep couch surfing. Miso is a free-spirited woman liberated from social conventions, while her loved ones seem to be trapped by them.

Microhabitat finds an original balance between humor and gravitas, touching on heavy topics like loneliness and sexism without ever losing the fresh spark of its narration or in the fascinating character of Miso, played by the unforgettable actor Esom.

- Rocío Mesa, Associate Programmer

Q&A with cast and crew will immediately follow this screening, schedules permitting.
  • Go-woon Jeon
  • Soon-mo Kim
  • Som Lee
  • Jae-hong Ahn
  • Go-woon Jeon
  • Tae-soo Kim
  • Ji-yeon Ji


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