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Head Count

  • 90 min
  • Nightfall
  • English
  • USA
  • 2017
During a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree, a group of teenagers find themselves under mental and physical assault from a supernatural entity that mimics their appearances as it completes an ancient ritual.
About The Film

After ditching his older brother for a group of kids he finds in the desert, Evan (Isaac W. Jay) accidentally evokes an ancient entity—a “hisji”—that can mimic other forms, sowing chaos as it moves toward completing a bloody ritual. As the kids attempt to discern who is real and who is a doppelganger they inch closer and closer towards a reckoning they could never have imagined.

A refreshing take on the slasher formula, Head Count is a film far more concerned with the fundamentals of horror than most, using silence and sound to create an unsettling sense of dread that permeates throughout. A cast of talented young actors and gorgeous cinematography from D.P. Sean Bagley come together to create a chilling experience you’ll not soon forget.

- Billy Ray Brewton, Associate Programmer

Q&A with cast and crew will immediately follow this screening, schedules permitting.

  • Elle Callahan
  • Samuel Sandweiss
  • Brandon Somerhalder
Executive Producers
  • Hunter Peterson
  • Haoliang Harvey Zhang
  • Eric B. Fleischman
  • Elle Callahan
  • Samuel Sandweiss
  • Isaac W. Jay
  • Ashleigh Morghan
  • Bevin Bru
  • Billy Meade
  • Hunter Peterson
  • Chelcie May
  • Tory Freeth
  • Michael Herman
  • Amaka Obiechie
  • Sam Marra
  • Cooper Rowe
  • Michael Nader
Production Company
  • Godmother Industries
  • Sean Bagley
  • Nick Wright


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