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Moroni For President

  • 81 min
  • Documentary
  • English
  • USA
  • 2018
Determined to shake up the status quo and bring positive change to his people, a young, gay college professor begins a grass-roots campaign to become the next President of the Navajo Nation.
About The Film

Chances are you’ve never met a man quite like Moroni Benally. A young, gay, Stanford-educated college professor, Moroni has his sights set on bettering the lives of those in his community, which just happens to be the largest Native American nation in the United States. So what’s the best way for a Mormon, Navajo public policy expert to unseat the old guard and make a large-scale social impact? Become President of the Navajo Nation, of course!

First-time directors Jasper Rischen and Saila Huusko paint a lighthearted yet eye-opening portrait of a would-be politician and a proud people whose ties to the past, hopes for the future and very identities are as intertwined with one another as they are with the current sociopolitical landscape of America itself.

- Cooper Hopkins, Associate Programmer

  • Saila Huusko
  • Jasper Rischen
  • Saila Huusko
  • Jasper Rischen
  • Sara Goldblatt
Executive Producers
  • Billy Luther
  • Pamela Hogan
  • Saila Huusko
  • Jasper  Rischen


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