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The House on Coco Road

Documentary Competition


(2016, 78 min.)

Directed by: Damani Baker
Screenwriter: Damani Baker, Jon Fine, Eisa Davis, Cameron Russell
Producers: Damani Baker
Cinematographer: Rojellio Abraldes, Damani Baker
Editor: Jon Fine
Music: Meshell Ndegocello
Cast: Fannie Haughton, Angela Davis, Fania Davis, Damani Baker, Yvonne Belfon, Alimenta Bishop

In the midst of the racial violence sparked by Reagan’s war on drugs, leading a normal life had become unfeasible for many citizens of Oakland, California. In a moment of inspiration, activist and teacher Fannie Haughton decided to show her children a different way of life. She and her children moved to the island nation of Grenada to participate in an Afro-centric revolution with the goal of realizing a utopic, socialist society. But in Grenada, a U.S. military invasion threatened their safety and dreams.

In this intimate family portrait of nationalism and freedom, debut feature filmmaker Damani Baker draws on poignant archival footage and insights from well-respected activists, including Angela Davis, to offer historical and emotional truths through the journey of one family striving for a better society.
–Stephanie Owens and Roya Rastegar

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