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([series_data6], [series_data5] min.)

Directed by: [data1]
Producers: [data7]
Cinematographer: [data3]
Editor: [data4]
Music: [data5]
Cast: Pierre Valmera, Schnider Herard, Djery Baptiste, Pierry Joseph, Marckendy Joseph, Andy Clerveau

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Pierre Valmera’s dedication, skill set and 6’8” frame garnered him a NCAA basketball scholarship at Union University (Tennessee) and a brief international career abroad. Once an impact player on the court, Valmera now impacts lives from the sidelines. As one of a handful of Haitians to ever reach basketball’s upper echelons, Valmera now mentors Haitian basketball prospects who dream of following in his footsteps.
Director Leyla Nedorosleva presents the lives of a mentor and his mentees with distinct cinematography and artful editing. Though a college basketball scholarship may never result in a professional career, it can be the key to unlocking a brighter future for the player, his family and his home country.
– Cooper Hopkins



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