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Nightfall Winner (The Dead Center)

  • 93 min
  • Nightfall
  • English
  • USA
  • 2018
When a mysterious “John Doe” wakes up in a morgue and wanders into a psychiatric ward, a devoted doctor and curious medical examiner must slowly uncover dark and sinister secrets about the man that reveal a more horrifying truth than they could have ever imagined.
About The Film

After waking up in a body bag, a mysterious John Doe disappears and finds his way to the hospital’s psychiatric ward, where he becomes the charge of a devoted doctor (Shane Carruth) who is fascinated by the man’s claims of being controlled by a “blackness” inside of him. Meanwhile, a curious medical examiner (Bill Feehely) searches for clues into the cause of the man’s disappearance. As the two men are drawn deeper John Doe’s psychosis they start to realize that the truth might be more sinister and ancient than they ever dared imagine.

In the grand tradition of Robin Cook thrillers, The Dead Center takes on complex ideas about life, death and immortality, infusing them with a slick and unsettling injection of classic hospital paranoia. Bolstered by a riveting performance from Shane Carruth (Upstream Color), The Dead Center is a much-needed reminder that the most frightening moments can come from the most human of places.

- Heidi Honeycutt, Head of Nightfall

Participating Organization of the 2018 LA Film Festival

  • Billy Senese
  • Billy Senese
  • Denis Deck
  • Jonathan Rogers
  • Shane Carruth
  • Shane Carruth
  • Poorna Jagannathan
  • Jeremy Childs
  • Bill Feehely
  • Billy Senese
Production Company
  • Sequitur Cinema
  • Andy Duensing
  • Jonathan Rogers


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