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  • 87 min
  • LA Muse
  • English
  • USA
  • 2018
A teenage orphan moves to LA to live with her estranged grandmother and works to win a performance art grant while secretly struggling with binge eating.
About The Film

At 17, Sole finds herself mourning her father’s death, adjusting to her new life in the Ladera Heights neighborhood of LA with her estranged grandmother Irene. Desperate for an escape, she discovers a performance art grant that would take her back to New York, recruiting party girl Jasmine and musician Guedado to help—two neighbors whom Irene has forbidden her to interact with. Sole’s plan becomes complicated as she faces Jasmine’s volatile instability, Guedado’s confusing flirtation and her own battles with secret binge-eating to numb the pain.

In a coming-of-age story that takes on the claustrophobic isolation of mental health issues, Tchaiko Omawale offers up a directorial debut that shows, with empathy and artistry, how the themes of adolescence can mirror those of addiction.

- Drea Clark, Senior Programmer

Q&A with cast and crew will immediately follow this screening, schedules permitting.

  • Tchaiko Omawale
  • Tchaiko Omawale
  • Maya Emelle
  • Hope Olaide Wilson
  • Sophia Solomon
  • Sabine Hoffman
  • Sascha Brown Rice
Executive Producers
  • Chelsea Peretti
  • Kishori Rajan
  • Morgan Stiff
  • Lee Stiff
  • Hope Olaide Wilson
  • Lynn Whitfield
  • Chelsea Tavares
  • Gylnn Turman
  • Luke Rampersad
  • Sydney Bennett
  • Tchaiko Omawale
Production Company
  • Solaceflim LLC
  • Morgan's Mark
  • Bruce Francis Cole
  • Colin Rich
  • Jasmin Way


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