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The Silence of Others

  • 96 min
  • Documentary
  • Spanish
  • Spain, USA
  • 2018
In a country with streets that still bear his name, a group of resolute Spanish citizens seek justice for crimes committed during the brutal dictatorship of Francisco Franco by organizing a groundbreaking international lawsuit.
About The Film

Spain has been free from the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco for over 40 years. But for many across the nation the specter of his brutal legacy lives on. Rising to preeminence in the late 1930s and supported by soon-to-be Axis powers Germany and Italy, Franco turned Spain into a one-party fascist state, silencing all who opposed him, by any means necessary. Executive produced by Pedro Almodóvar and directed by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Behar, The Silence of Others brings the unforgettable stories of victims and survivors of the Franco regime to light; Spanish citizens stand up for those forgotten, seeking and striving for answers, justice—or simply the chance to finally say goodbye to a long lost loved one.

- Cooper Hopkins, Associate Programmer

  • Almudena Carracedo
  • Robert Bahar
  • Almudena Carracedo
  • Robert Bahar
Executive Producers
  • Pedro Almodóvar
  • Agustín Almodóvar
  • Esther García
  • Sally Jo Fifer
  • Justine Nagan
  • Chris White
  • Sandie Vizquez Pedlow
  • Chato Galante
  • Kutxi Echegoyen
  • Ascensión Mendieta
  • María Ángeles Martín
  • María Bueno
  • Carlos Slepoy
  • Ana Messuti (as themselves)
  • Robert Bahar
  • Almudena Carracedo
  • Kim Roberts
  • Ricardo Acosta
Production Company
  • Semilla Verde Productions (US)
  • Lucernam Films (Spain)
  • Almudena Carracedo
  • Kim Roberts
  • Ricardo Acosta


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