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American Dreamer

  • 92 min
  • Premiere
  • English
  • USA
  • 2017
A down on his luck driver makes extra cash chauffeuring a low level drug dealer around town, finds himself in a serious financial bind and decides to kidnap the dealer's child.
About The Film

After suffering an emotional breakdown and the subsequent loss of his job and family, Cam is a shell of the man he used to be. Struggling to catch up with late child support payments, he makes extra cash chauffeuring Mazz, a low-level drug dealer. As Cam’s situation deteriorates into a serious financial bind, he decides to kidnap Mazz’s child in hopes of collecting a ransom, only to have Mazz enlist his service as a driver to search the city for his missing son.

Returning to the Festival, director Derrick Borte (London Town) offers up a tense story of wild-eyed desperation and unlikely pairings. Jim Gaffigan unleashes a memorable performance as the increasingly erratic Cam, whose dark and manic hopelessness renders him almost unrecognizable.

- Drea Clark, Senior Programmer

Q&A with cast and crew will immediately follow this screening, schedules permitting.

  • Derrick Borte
  • Scott Lochmus
  • Jim Gaffigan
  • Robbie Jones
  • Tammy Blanchard
  • Alejandro Hernandez
  • Eric  Hill Jr.
  • Isabel  Arraiza
  • Derrick Borte
  • Daniel Forte
  • Eric Hurt
  • Soojin Chung
Executive Producers
  • Jonathan Gray
  • Mary Vernieu
  • Nate Bolotin
  • Pip Ngo


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