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([series_data6], [series_data5] min.)

Directed by: [data1]
Screenwriter: [data2]
Producers: [data7]
Cinematographer: [data3]
Editor: [data4]
Music: [data5]
Cast: Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, Mary Beth Peil, Isabelle McNally, Elizabeth Pena, Jack Falahee, Brian Dennehy

In the wake of his father’s suicide, young record collector, Ollie Sway, returns to the family lake house with his rambunctious friend Nikolai in tow to lay claim to an invaluable jazz recording. An unexpected visit from Ollie’s estranged grandmother and a chance encounter with a girl from across the lake derail their search, forcing them to confront the Sway family history and a suffering that has resounded through generations.
With an immersive jazz soundtrack, Ari Gold’s sophomore feature is a resonant ballad to the disillusionment that can accompany adulthood. Rory Culkin as Ollie is the personification of a coming-of-age pressurized anger and sadness, while Mary Beth Peil is outstanding as the strong and glamorous Charlie Sway.

– Malin Kan



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