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People Of...


Web Series


(2017, 5 min.)

Directed by: Lamia Alami (LAMZ)
Screenwriter: Lamia Alami (LAMZ), Widad Hafda
Producers: Lamia Alami (LAMZ), Widad Hafda
Cinematographer: Lamia Alami (LAMZ)
Editor: Lamia Alami (LAMZ)
Music: Dave Depper, Lobo Loco, Moris Beat, Dana Boulé, Kai Engel

Plays in Episodes: Indie Series from the Web

"Episode One"
Society of Ambiance-Makers & Elegant People (SAPE) member Farel Baleketa, "Barack Obama of difficult colors," is redefining Parisian male fashion and he doesn't mind if you want to take a photo with him.


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