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My America


Web Series


(2016, 7 min.)

Directed by: Anna Jones, Asaad Kelada
Screenwriter: J. S. Davall, Anna Jones
Producers: Sophia Jennings, Roweena Mackay
Cinematographer: Mike Rossetti
Editor: Venkatesh Potula, Marcus Chan
Music: Jordan Lewis
Cast: Carmen Argenziano, J. S. Davall, Eric Ramey, Peter Macon, Bridget Jones, McKenna Kerrigan, Bernardo Cubria, Elizabeth Sung, Gamal Palmer, Teddy Godwin

Plays in Episodes: Indie Series from the Web

"To Put Your Life on the Line"
Lucian, a black artist and rideshare driver, and Carmine, a retired police officer, experience the polarized political climate in the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election from opposing perspectives.



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