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Mighty Ground

LA Muse

(2017, 85 min.)

Directed by: Delila Vallot
Executive Producer: Natalie Irby, Todd Remis, David Moscow, Jason Dreyer
Producers: Aimee Schoof, Isen Robbins
Cinematographer: Delila Vallot
Editor: Natalie Irby, Bryan Yokomi
Music: Ronald Troy Collins, William Dane, Jared Beckerman
Cast: Ronald Troy Collins

Living life on streets of downtown LA’s Skid Row, Ronald Troy Collins gets through his days by singing to people. Feeling apathy or disdain, most people pass him by. But those who stop to listen, find themselves captivated by the depth of his prophetic voice, and by the mystical song he composes on the spot and directs at the listener’s soul. Some find themselves in tears, feeling an unnamable connection with Ronald that crosses racial and economic lines, and recognizing that they needed to hear his song as much as he needed to sing it to them.
Picking up where statistics drop off, Delila Vallot’s second documentary feature captures the auspicious moment when the people Ronald has sung into his life collectively support and pray for his transformation, but the weight of an ingrained crack addiction threatens to drown his chances for redemption and recovery.
– Roya Rastegar

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