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(Episodics are listed in program order)

Very Animated People , Directed by Joseph Bennet
"Sarah Silverman's Backpack"
Sarah Silverman tells Hollywood stories about awkward celebrity encounters and getting lost in television.

The F Word , Directed by Nicole Opper
Nicole and Kristin present a queer couples guide through the legal and emotional steps to becoming fost-adopt mommies.

The Show About the Show , Directed by Caveh Zahedi
"David Mark Chapman"
Caveh confronts his wife Mandy about a crush he's developed on actress Eleanore Hendricks while shooting previous episodes. He then asks Eleanore to reenact an encounter.

People Of... , Directed by Lamia Alami (LAMZ)
"Episode 1"
Society of Ambiance-Makers & Elegant People (SAPE) member Farel Baleketa, “Barack Obama of difficult colors,” is redefining Parisian male fashion and he doesn’t mind if you want to take a photo with him.

Two Sentence Horror Stories: Guilt Trip , Directed by J.D. Dillard
"Guilt Trip"
A white woman witnesses a black man being mistreated by the police and offers him a ride.

Steps , Directed by Fernando Sanchez, Pascual Sisto
"Episode One"
Eight unconnected stories of unrestrained sexual desire exploring the boundaries of social acceptability, sexual deviancy and violence.

My America , Directed by Anna Jones, Asaad Kelada
"To Put Your Life on the Line"
Lucian, a black artist and rideshare driver, and Carmine, a retired police officer, experience the polarized political climate in the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election from opposing perspectives.

BKPI , Directed by Hye Yun Park
"Episode One"
Three badass women of color form a crime fighting unit in their Brooklyn neighborhood.

High & Mighty , Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
"Issa Miracle"
Perpetually stoned, drunk, and unemployed, Chelo Chavez is an unlikely superhero.

Danny the Manny , Directed by Mike Roma
"In Cahoots"
When Danny discovers the boy he's been babysitting has been dressing up in his mother's clothes, he struggles to be supportive without making assumptions.

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