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Great Britain

([series_data6], [series_data5] min.)

Directed by: [data1]
Screenwriter: [data2]
Producers: [data7]
Cinematographer: [data3]
Editor: [data4]
Music: [data5]
Cast: Theo Stevenson, Byron Lyons, Liam Whiting, Rosie Day, Elliot Cowan, Thomas Turgoose

Jake is a sensitive, quiet teenager caught in a tough, muscle-flexing world. His casually vicious friends are obsessed with girls, billiards and porn. When the alluring Zara moves onto the 19th floor of their council estate, Jake’s friends are determined to help him lose his virginity. But Jake hides a dark truth that he doesn’t dare speak aloud.
Gorgeous black-and-white lensing and a haunting score create a stylish and assured debut from Rafael Kapelinski, which presents an improbably humanizing and emotionally complex portrait of a young man battling external pressures and inner demons.

— Namee Baijal



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