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([series_data6], [series_data5] min.)

Directed by: [data1]
Screenwriter: [data2]
Producers: [data7]
Cinematographer: [data3]
Editor: [data4]
Music: [data5]
Cast: Gregg Barbanell, Marko Costanzo, Catherine Harper, John Roesch, Charles Campbell, Elisha Birnbaum, David Fein

Since the 1930’s, sound gurus referred to as Foley artists have recreated the sounds that infuse a film with life. During a film’s post-production, Foley artists recreate sound that will match the moving image on-screen, using whatever objects are at their fingertips, from hundreds of pairs of old shoes to clunky old tools and squeaky mattresses. But how will Hollywood’s low-tech sound artists survive as digital technology consumes modern moviemaking?
First-time filmmaker Lalo Molina takes us behind the scenes to celebrate the analog craft of charmingly obsessive Foley artists, who are at work making noise and yet rarely seen, in this celebration of unsung heroes of movie magic.
–Jenn Wilson and Cristhian Barron



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